C.R.O.P. Volunteers


CROP Ministry is The Church Reaching Out to People. We strive to minister to others and meet their needs in Jesus’ name. The C.R.O.P. Ministry has three primary branches:

Prayer Warriors:
Pray for prayer requests that have been submitted and make a personal contact to those asking for prayer either through a phone call and a note of encouragement.

Homebound Visitation:
Minister to people who are unable to attend church or Bible study. Fellowship, pray, and provide a DVD copy of Sunday morning services for these people.

Rosemont Assisted Living Center:
Conduct worship services, woodwork activities, ladies’ tea, clown activities, reading, and working with Alzheimer’s patients.

If you are interested in serving in any of the three branches of the C.R.O.P. Ministry, contact Gerry Saccane at 281.481.1538

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