Preventative Ultrasound Screenings

DATE(S): May 17, 2017 - May 19, 2017
TIME(S): By Appointment
LOCATION: Sagemont Annex Building
COST: See Details

Full package, all (8) screenings is $150.00.

Elite Medical Imaging, the city’s top mobile ultrasound company, will be back at Sagemont Church. Their Board-Certified Radiologist team recommends these preventive screenings be done annually, as oftentimes results may change from one year to the next based on age and stress factors. Ultrasound screenings are painless, non-invasive, radiation-free, very affordable and take less than 20 minutes to have performed. Eight screenings will be offered—carotid artery, abdominal aorta, thyroid, liver, spleen, gallbladder, and both kidneys. Full package, all (8) screenings is $150.00. Appointments are necessary. Please call 713.568.8331 to schedule your screening today!

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