Ladies Night Out (LNO)

DATE(S): April 28, 2014
TIME(S): 6:30 - 8:30 p.m
CONTACT PERSON: Shari Mccormack
COST: $10

Kerrie is a speaker and new author of “Invisible Chains,” that she co-wrote with her mother. Most importantly, she is hopelessly in love with Jesus who saved her! Her three best treasures on the face of this planet are: Her husband Phillip, who was her knight in shining armor, and her two adorable young sons. She is the President of Living Divine Ministries and her vision is to help free people from the scars of their past, overcome the obstacles they face currently, and challenge them to walk in their divine, God-given purpose. She has an extensive background in corporate training and speaking, and with her love for the Lord and her love to laugh, she is passionate about ministering to the hearts of women, and helping them pursue a life of freedom from the chains that have them bound.