Giving from the Heart

If you desire to give a gift to the Lord today, click on the online payment methods in the top right or place your offering in one of the receptacles that are conveniently located at several of the entryways in our facilities during one of our worship services.

At Sagemont Church, we understand that God loves a cheerful giver. We give to the Lord whole-heartedly with love, and gratitude. We hold fast to his promises of providing all of our needs, not only as a church, but as individual believers.

Since the 1970’s, Sagemont Church has not passed offering plates in our worship services. Instead, we have offering receptacles near many of the entryways in our buildings, allowing our members to give privately and with a willing and cheerful heart. We believe that it is up to each person to give as God leads, but God first desires each person’s heart more than anything else. We trust that this way of giving allows a person to genuinely give out of faith, love and obedience to God. It is one of the factors that has helped Sagemont Church to remain debt-free for nearly four decades. We do not borrow money from banks or creditors for any reason, and we solely depend on our Mighty God to provide all of the resources necessary for the advancement of His Kingdom through the giving hearts of our faithful church family.

A Word to the Wise
Gifts to God should be given from what each person has. If you use a credit card to give, make sure that you have the funds to pay off the balance without incurring interest charges from the bank. In this manner, your gift will be sincere and pleasing to the Lord.