At Sagemont, we believe that to truly be Living Proof of a Loving God to a Watching World, all Christians should be actively serving the Lord in some capacity either inside or outside the church walls. Below are some of the areas in which you can begin serving today. Contact the person listed to sign up or for more information.

  • Customer Service:  Help serve customers, place special orders. Training available. Time Involved: 4 hours weekly. Dates/Times: During bookstore hours. Contact Becky French.

  • Cashier, Barista, Smoothie Maker: Training available. Times: During Café hours Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays. Contact: Laurie Lindquester.

Building and Grounds
  • Landscaping "Mow & Blow" Team: Assist with a variety of outdoor maintenance tasks including mowing, weeding, blowing, trimming, etc. Time: 4 hours on a rotation. Dates: Saturdays (one Saturday/month). Contact: Carol Martin.

  • Classroom Teachers: Teach children spiritual truths through storytelling, games, crafts, and other learning activities. No experience is required; curriculum, materials, and training are provided. Time involved: 1.5. hours weekly. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Traci Fort.

  • Classroom Leaders/Assistants: Assist with classroom supervision and learning activities. Assisting in a classroom with the age group of your choice is a great entry-level position if you are new to Children’s Ministry! Time involved: 1.5 hours weekly. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Traci Fort.

  • Playground Monitors: Ensure children’s safety on the indoor playground by vigilantly observing and guiding children to interact with the equipment and one another in safe ways. Playground Monitors need to know how to guide children’s behavior. Time involved: 1.5 hours on a rotation. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Traci Fort.

  • Media Team: Run sound, power point, video and lights for Children’s Worship programs. Time involved: 1.5 hours bi-weekly. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Traci Fort.

  • Welcome Team: Greet families and children, assisting them with the computerized check-in system, and help register new children. Friendliness and a cheerful smile are the only prerequisites; training is provided. Time involved: 1.5 hours on a rotation. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Traci Fort.

  • Children's Worship Helpers: Worship Helpers model worship in one of 3 worship services in AdventureLand, build relationships with the children through games and small group learning activities, and assist with supervision of children. Time involved: 1.5 hours weekly or on a rotation. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Traci Fort.

  • Praise Team: Praise Team members lead children in active worship on Sunday mornings during children’s worship. Training is provided. Time involved: 1.5 hours on a rotation. Dates: Sunday mornings 9:30 & 11:15. Contact: Traci Fort.

  • PromiseLand Leaders: PromiseLand is a special place for children with special needs (ages 4 – 17). Leaders are paired with a child, and they use provided materials to share a Bible truth and to guide learning activities. Training is provided. Time involved: 1.5 hours weekly or on a rotation. Dates: Sunday mornings (1 service time). Contact: Gillian Austin


  • Writers: Volunteer professional-level writers needed for magazine & other media. Time involved varies. Contact: Jason Ryan.

  • Photographers: Volunteer professional-level photographers needed for magazine & other media. Time involved varies. Contact: Jason Ryan.

C.R.O.P. (Church Reaching Out to People)
  • Prayer Warriors: Pray for prayer requests that have been submitted and make a personal contact to those asking for prayer either through a phone call and a note of encouragement. Contact: Gerry Saccane.

  • Homebound Visitation: Minister to people who are unable to attend church or Bible study. Fellowship, pray, and provide a DVD copy of Sunday morning services for these people. Contact: Gerry Saccane.

  • Rosemont Assisted Living Center: Conduct worship services, woodwork activities, ladies’ tea, clown activities, reading, and working with Alzheimer’s patients.

Helping Hands
  • Daily Pickups and Deliveries: Help make pick-ups/deliveries of donations. Time involved varies daily - your choice. Dates: Ongoing, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm or later. Contact: Jim Hastings.

Host Teams
  • Greeters: Men and women who greet people at all exterior entrance doors. Give a look, a word, and a touch to all who enter as well as guide them to a desired location. Time involved: 1 hour weekly (Wednesdays or Sundays). Contact: Emory Gadd.

  • Information Booths: Assist people with directions, information, and distribution of needed brochures at the Lobby Information Booth. Time involved: 1 hour weekly (Sundays). Contact: Emory Gadd.

  • Ushers: Men and women who are assigned to every aisle on the main floor and in the balcony of our Auditorium in order to greet every person and assist them to their seats if needed. Time involved: 1 hour weekly (Wednesdays or Sundays). Contact: Emory Gadd.

  • Parking Lot Assistants: A perfect service opportunity for those who have been blessed by the Lord with a love for the outdoors. Men and women who provide assistance with vehicle and pedestrian traffic control at key road intersections on the church campus. Time Involved: 5 hours/Sunday on rotation. Contact: Carol Martin

Media & Broadcast
  • Graphics Operator: Run a simple computer program for displaying lyrics on screen. Time involved: 2-4 hours on a rotation (Wednesdays or Sundays). Contact: Ron Ingram.

  • Camera Operator: Learn to operate a camera for one of our 3 Sunday AM services. Time involved: 2-4 hours on a rotation (Wednesdays or Sundays). Contact: Ron Ingram.

  • Special Projects: Help us install new equipment, clean and organize, or create/shoot videos Time involved: 3-4 hours weekly, Tuesday morning or afternoon. Contact: Ron Ingram.

  • Production Assistant: Assist the producer of the TV program in the set-up and shooting of video segements. Should be able to lift 20-30 lbs. Time involved: 4 hours on call once or twice a month. Contact: Ron Ingram.

  • Technical Director: Assist the video/TV director in live production of worship services. Time involved: 4 hours on a rotation. Contact: Ron Ingram.

Pastoral Care
  • Hospital Visitation: Visit hospitalized members/family members, share and pray with the patients. Time involved: 4 hours weekly Monday-Friday (your choice). Contact: Rex Forsyth.

  • Son Light Pet Ministry: Volunteers are able to extend the love and joy of Jesus to others by visiting nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals with their pets. Time involved: few hours weekly. Contact: Beverly Hale

Security Volunteers
  • Volunteer Security: We are in need of police officers who would be willing to serve on our Volunteer Security Team during church services on Sundays. Time involved: Few hours weekly. Contact: Carol Martin.

  • Shepherd Group Leader: This person will work in a dual role with another shepherd to lead a gender specific group of 6-12 students in understanding God’s word in a deeper way. They will be given curriculum in advance that will guide them in the scripture to use, and also help with questions that will draw out discussion. Time involved: 1.5 hours weekly (Sundays). Contact: Tracy Cox.

  • Small Group Leader: This person is the shepherd of 5-8 students. They help these students connect relationally with one another and God for the purpose of growing in Christ-likeness. Shepherding involves knowing, caring, and spiritually multiplying people. Time involved: 2 hours weekly (Wednesdays). Contact: Tracy Cox.

  • Ladies Night Out: Ladies Night Out is our quarterly women’s event for fellowship and bible study. The following are the many wonderful opportunities to serve in this event: Catering Team, Decorating Team Leader, Decorating Team, Storage/Organizer Team, Media Team, Greeters, Take Down Committee, Coffee Makers. Contact: Sharon Green.

Worship & Praise
  • Choir: High school and adult choir members to sing in the 9:30 service each week – no audition required. Time involved: 4 hours weekly (Wednesday and Sunday). Contact: Bill Cole.

  • Orchestra: Play woodwind, string, brass, or percussion instruments in orchestra for Sagemont Sunday service & special programs (high school & up – no audition required). Time involved: 4 hours weekly. (Wednesday and Sunday). Contact: Jason Ryan.

  • Stage Crew: Men and women needed to help with stage transitions in worship services and to help with stage set-up between services.  Mature teenagers are also welcome!  Some lifting may be required.  Building skills not required, but may be helpful at times. Time involved: varies according to your availability. Contact: Randy Jensen.