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Where are you in your walk with God?

As believers, we should be maturing in our walk with Christ – moving from infants, where we feed on milk, to eating the solid food of His Word.

Do you long for a closer relationship with Him?

Spending time in God’s Word is essential to a deeper understanding of Him and His ways and a more intimate relationship with our Father, our Creator.

Do you want to spend time in His Word, yet find you are bored reading the Bible?

Personal time spent in Bible study is one on one time spent with the Lord. Learning how to study the Bible can result in a rewarding experience that will enable you to grow closer to God and look forward to spending time with Him in His Word.

Precept Bible Study will help you develop some simple, yet powerful skills to use while spending time in God’s Word. Courses are designed for all people of all ages with trained leaders who are equipped to disciple you as you learn to accurately handle Scripture and understand it in its proper context. The foundation of Precept Bible Study is the principle that the Bible is the first, or primary source, of information about God and the Bible itself. Applying this principle will enable you to evaluate the message of others according to God’s Word.

Mature in your walk with God as you discover life-enhancing, life-changing truths. No matter where you are in your walk with God, we have a Precept Bible Study for you!

For more information, contact Marcy Zmarzly 281.734.2059

“I experience the truths of God when I sit under the teaching of God’s people, but I experience intimacy with God when I sit at His feet and study the Bible for myself. I did not always know how to do this. I am so grateful for the people who showed me how.

There are people in the Precept program who are willing to show you as well. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to discover and experience the truths of God’s Word for yourself. Remember, it is the Incarnate Word of God Who saved us, but it is the written Word of God that sustains us. Sign up and be sustained!”

Stuart Rothberg Teaching Pastor, Sagemont Church

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