Jim Laucher

Professional Counselor

Office: 281.481.7133

Jim is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a National Certified Counselor, and an ordained minister. His two Master’s degrees are in Marriage and Family Counseling and Christian Education. Jim has been involved in Christian family ministry and pastoral care ministry for over twenty-five years. Jim feels his faith, experience and training qualify him to counsel in several areas: marriage, parenting, pre-marriage, remarriage, pre-remarriage, vocation, addiction, loss, depression and divorce. He views the client/counselor relationship as a partnership through which he helps clients: (1) come to a deeper understanding of the challenges they are facing, (2) discover and select treatment options and goals, (3) feel encouraged and accountable in working toward the goals, (4) recognize and overcome obstacles to progress, and (5) know when counseling is finished. Jim is married, and has three married children.