America is a media driven culture. The average American watches 5 hours of television every day. We are constantly bombarded by advertisements and flashing lights, loud sounds, and colorful images. It is no surprise that these things grab our attention. God has designed us to gaze on the beauty He put around us. Beams of light shining through clouds, vibrant green grass, the golden sheen of a child’s hair, a limitless blue sky. In our worship experiences, the Media Ministry utilizes and exhibits the beauty of God’s creation, in technical media common in today’s culture. Colorful lights and sound, engaging video, and an overall environment that allows us to effortlessly worship the true living God is our goal and mission.

The Media Ministry currently has several full time staff personnel and over 40 volunteers. This group consists of all levels of expertise and experience, and they provide audio, video, and lighting support for all of the services and events that happen both inside and outside the church. They are responsible for creating videos that play before and during the services, making audio and video recordings, and providing assistance with publicity and website video needs. Within this group of men and women you will find true servant’s hearts, and a great group of people who love the Lord.


Ron Ingram
Associate Pastor of Media/Broadcast

office: 281.481.7247

Terren Hurst
Media/Broadcast Ministry Assistant

office: 281.481.8770