Living Proof Family Plan


Living Proof Family Plan is a 30-day, guided devotional time led by one of our teaching Pastors, Zach Nicholson. This 100% digital devotion is completely online and is live – no pre-recording!
This allows families to interact with the devotional leader and one another in your home!


Sign up online HERE. Click the link that is emailed to you. Gather your family on the days and time of the devotion. Enjoy your family devotion!


We are busy, busy people but deep down we want our families to grow and worship together in our homes. The problem seems to be that either we are too busy to prepare, or we don’t really know how to lead a devotion with our family. This 30-day devotion solves these problems as you do not have to prepare, all you have to do is gather your family and show up (digitally). If you desire for your family to grow together but are unsure how to accomplish this, then this 30-day devotion is perfect for you!


Any family! Singles, couples, married with kids, empty nesters – this 30-day live, online devotional is great for any family make-up!


While this devotion begins officially the Monday after Promotion Sunday (August 20), sign up now as Zach is sending out weekly tips on growing together as a family!

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