The Story of the Bible

Title Bible Ref. Date Video Audio Notes
Part 1: Before Creation to the Tower of Babel Dec 05, 2013 PDF
Part 2: Abram’s Call to Nahor’s Blessing PDF
Part 3: Sarah’s Death to Esau’s Family PDF
Part 4: Joseph’s Sale to Joseph’s Death PDF
Part 5: Job’s Trouble then Back to Egypt PDF
Part 6: New Pharaoh to the Plans for the Sanctuary PDF
Part 7: The Golden Calf to The Return to the Wilderness Journey PDF
Part 8: Gathering Wood on the Sabbath to Moses’ Final Challenge PDF
Part 9: Moses’ Last Challenge to The 33 Defeated Kings PDF
Part 10: Aging Joshua to The Death Abimeliech PDF
Part 11: Tola the Judge to The Wives for Benjamin PDF
Part 12: Elimelech and Naomi to King Saul PDF
Part 13: Saul’s First Sin to the Death of Samuel PDF
Part 14: David, Nabal and Abigail to David’s Worship and Praise PDF
Part 15: Philistia, Moab, Hadadezer, Garrisons, Toi David’s Return to Jerusalem and Shemei PDF
Part 16: David’s Return to Jerusalem and Mephibosheth to the Death of Shemei PDF
Part 17: Daughter of Pharaoh to Solomon’s Three Adversaries PDF
Part 18: Division of the Kingdom To Jezebel Threatens Elijah PDF
Part 19: Elijah and Elisha To Gehazi’s Sin, Leprosy PDF
Part 20: Floating Axe Head To Jonah PDF
Part 21: Azariah, southern King To Forgotten Maker PDF
Part 22: Pekahiah, Northern King To Hezekiah, The Year of Ahaz’s Death PDF
Part 23: Hezekiah Purifies Temple To Scattered in Exile PDF
Part 24: Isaiah Naked To Temple Repair, Eighteenth Year PDF
Part 25: Assurbanipal – Sinsharishkun to Sin of Judah PDF
Part 26: Potter’s Wheel to Daniel PDF
Part 27: Jehoiakim, 4th Year to Seventy Years PDF
Part 28: Prophets Ahab and Zedekiah to Shave Head and Beard PDF
Part 29: Mountains of Israel To Lord’s Indignation PDF
Part 30: Two Daughters To Nations Fall, Nebuchadnezzar PDF
Part 31: Against Tyre To Book of Lamentations PDF
Part 32: Gedaliah’s Death To Ram and Goat PDF
Part 33: 70 Years To Daniel’s Last Word PDF
Part 34: Work Resumes To The Last Word of Malachi PDF
Part 35: 7 Weeks Completed To Ptolemy V PDF
Part 36: North Raises Greater Army To Gabriel’s Announcement PDF
Part 37: Gabriel’s Special Announcement To John’s Imprisonment PDF
Part 38: Withdraw From Judea To Jesus Rebukes Three Cities PDF
Part 39: Dinner with Simon the Pharisee To Elijah PDF
Part 40: Boy with Demon To The Prayer PDF
Part 41: Blasphemy and Demons To Lazarus of Bethany PDF
Part 42: Conspiracy To Last Teaching in Temple PDF
Part 43: Greeks Seek Jesus To Jesus’ Ascension into Heaven PDF
Part 44: Angelic Message To Peter, Tabitha and Simon the Tanner PDF
Part 45: The Lord Speaks to Cornelius to Troas PDF
Part 46: Philippi to Caesarea to Jerusalem PDF
Part 47: Paul’s Vow to The Revelation PDF
Part 48: Fulfilled Prophecy PDF
Part 49: Scripture To Be Fulfilled PDF
Part 50: 45 Day Cleanup and Building to the Gift of the Son to the Father PDF