Noticed Our Cross?

Whether you live in the community and pass by The Cross every day or you’re seeing The Cross for the first time, we welcome you!

Jesus promises in John 12:32 that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto himself. In February, 2009, Sagemont Church claimed that promise in a unique and tangible way with the construction of this 170-foot tall cross that has become a spiritual landmark for the church and surrounding community.

The idea originated on October 21, 2007, on a normal Sunday morning when Sagemont’s Founding Pastor, Dr. John Morgan, decided to take an alternate route on his way to church. As he neared the peak of the overpass connecting I-45 and Beltway 8, his spiritual eyes looked past the normal scenery of the church buildings, parking lots, and landscaping and the vision of a large, significant cross came to focus in his mind. “I had never thought of such a thing for Sagemont before, so that morning it was a very emotional thing for me to see it so clearly,” he said.

As he began praying more about it and sharing his idea, others quickly caught the enthusiasm and excitement he felt for making his vision a reality. “After all,” he said, “that is what Christianity is about, even from the beginning of time – the Cross.”

After several months of planning and praying, the much anticipated 170-foot-tall cross was finally erected on the weekend of February 7, 2009, sending a message to all who see it that Sagemont’s first priority is to point others to Christ through The Cross. Those who drive by have no choice but to notice it. “They can ignore it, reject it, or be blessed by it,” Pastor Morgan said, “but they can’t miss it.”

In the time since The Cross was erected, many lives have been touched and changed. Many have come to know Jesus because The Cross drew them to Him. Hundreds have been baptized in the waters surrounding The Cross. And countless others have simply spent time kneeling, praying, singing, or weeping in the shadow of The Cross. If Sagemont Church can help you or minister to you in any way, please call us. And know that you are welcome here, at the foot of The Cross, any time.