Give me a break!

As the husband of a schoolteacher and father of four children, I am well acquainted with the concept and practice of Spring Break. Family vacations such as skiing, as well as beach and mission trips are the usual activities for March each year. As our last school age child (a junior in high school) takes a much needed break from her studies and very active high school life, I look back at the last 25 years of Spring Breaks and marvel at what The Lord has allowed us to experience as a family. Wonderful trips to snowcapped mountains, warm sunny beaches and exotic mission destinations flood my memory. Our time on this earth is certainly brief, and the seasons of our lives move on quickly, so take a moment for yourself and think. What memories are you making with your loved ones? Are you taking a break from your hectic, overcrowded lives of endless agendas and neverending work deadlines?

Jesus was pressed everywhere He went; the endless lines of sick, needy people, and the constant teaching and discipling would eclipse anyone’s schedule. The scriptures show us that even He took time to pray, and He broke from His routine to commune with The Father often. He was intentional and consistent, and it must have been refreshing because there were times when he would spend the entire night in prayer.

As I read those passages in God’s Word I felt pressed to lead our young Spanish congregation into a season of prayer and reflection. We started with a 24-hour prayer vigil March 7th and 8th, and are following with 40 days of prayer leading up to Easter Sunday. Right in the center of that is Spring Break. What great timing, and how appropriate is that? Our family will get to carve out a few days to break from the daily activities and recharge our own spiritual batteries!

Are you pressed and weary? Are the issues and struggles of the day weighing you down? Take a deep breath, and spend some time with The Lord. You may not be able to get very far away at this time, but be intentional and commune with the Father, even if only for a moment at a nearby park! You will be refreshed when you are still and KNOW that HE is GOD!

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Roy Guel

Is Pastor of Sagemont en Español (Spanish Language Ministry) at Sagemont Church.