Everyone Matters – Sagemont Serves


Everyone Matters: Sagemont Serves

 We want you to know that Everyone Matters at Sagemont, and we are working hard to address specific challenges of our community in the aftermath of the storm.  Please read the following to know what we are planning at this time and how you can help.



The Sagemont Church Annex will become the basecamp for all things related to Harvey. Weekday hours are 9 am – 6 pm.


  • Click here to give online to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  All funds given will be used locally to help those in need.


  • We will NOT be accepting clothing.  Many other ministries in the area are doing a magnificent job with clothing.  We will focus on other areas of need with this relief effort.


As of Tuesday, September 5, at 12:00 noon, the Food Pantry is closed.  We are transitioning to be an area distribution center.  Opportunities to volunteer and donate will be communicated in upcoming days.


  • MUDOUT Teams – These groups go out into the community to remove carpet, sheetrock, etc.

How do you get involved?


  1. On your own, form a team of 8-10 people who can work together from friends, iCONNECT classes, Bible study groups, etc.
  2.  Minimum Tools you will need: hammers, crowbars, flat-end shovels, brooms, 1-2 wheelbarrows per group, N95 Dust masks, gloves, sheetrock knife, first-aid supplies and water.
  3.  Call the Helping Hands office at the number above or email at the above address and tell us the:
        • name of the leader of the MUDOUT Team.
        • contact phone number for the team.
        • the area of town in which you would like to work (if you wish to specify).
  1.  Then, begin cleaning out homes that you already know about as a team from your area and contact groups.
  2.  We will begin calling the MUDOUT Team leader with homes to go clean out as we receive requests from our neighbors in need.
  3.  More specific instructions will be given to each team when you register with us.


  1. Come to the basecamp at the Sagemont Church Annex with the tools you have on hand (See Minimum Tools above).
  2. As others come, we will form groups to send out. MUDOUT crews will start forming each day at 8:00 AM and continue throughout the mornings.
  • BASECAMP Volunteers

How do you get involved?

FORM A COOKING TEAM or join a cooking team: Church groups from all over America will be using our annex over the next 60 days as their basecamp.  Some of the groups will be cooking, other groups will need us to cook for them.  Email helpinghands@sagemontchurch.org if you can cook or help and we will make contact with you with more details.

Everyday Volunteers in the Annex – starting Thursday, August 31, 2017

JOIN THE FOOD PANTRY TEAM: We need volunteers in place to receive and sort food and supplies donations during open hours.  

JOIN THE HOST and PRAYER TEAM: Everyone coming through the door will have their story that needs to be heard.  This team will meet each new person or family, listen to them, pray with them and make sure we have correct contact information and details.  These same groups will handle other tasks not mentioned here.


Thank you for loving the Houston area in this time of great need.  If you are out of town or state, you can help most by giving financially.

If you are associated with an out-of-town church group that would like to come to Houston to help with the recovery, email helpinghands@sagemontchurch.org or call 281.922.6421. We are set up to serve as a base camp for your church group.  We need you as soon as you can get here. The more groups the better.


  • If you call, please say, “My name is ________. I live at __________. My phone number is _______.  MUDOUT!”  That’s all you have to say. Someone will reply to you sometime between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.
  • If you email, say the same thing, “My name is ________. I live at __________. My phone number is _______.  MUDOUT!” That’s all you need to say in the email.  We will reply to you sometime between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM.


Remember, Sagemont Serves because Everyone Matters!


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