Each Individual Matters

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I am a bit of a people watcher. Are you? At the airport, restaurants, etc. I often observe others, and in so doing, I learn much about our culture as I watch the day unfold. Occasionally, I find myself at Walmart, (I don’t love to shop but they have deals on camo and I am an avid outdoorsman!) and the trip always takes much longer than I intended it too because I get more distracted watching people at Walmart than anywhere else. That place can be exciting!


Invariably, no matter where I am, I experience a wide range of emotions (laughter, amusement, sorrow, grief, concern, etc.) as I observe others.


One of the things that I do as I observe culture, is I ask God to remind me of one of our churches core values: Each Individual Matters. Don’t you love that the fact that “Each Individual Matters” is one of our core values? I sure do!


I think about this often . . . everyone I see today, EVERYONE will spend eternity somewhere. I remember reading a quote by CS Lewis who said that we have NEVER seen a mere mortal. Thus, we should see people as they will be one day . . . eternally with God, or eternally separated from Him.


I am realizing that more and more. Every single person I come into contact with today really matters to God.


He was serious when He said what He said in

–      Matthew 28:18-20

–      Mark 16:15

–      Luke 24:48

–      Acts 1:8


It is up to you and I to go and tell the world, to spread the good news. Each Individual Matters to us because Each Individual Matters to God.


You boss, your co-worker, your parents, your neighbors, Each Individual Matters!


That is one of the many reasons Sagemont Church exists. We want to continually see more and more people learn one simple fact, “I need Jesus!”


How about this week asking God to give us a fresh set of eyes to see those He is placing around us in a brand new light.


Love you guys, Wade

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Wade Owens

Is a Teaching and Missions Pastor at Sagemont Church.