Connecting the Dots…

Connecting the Dots…


This week, we were very fortunate to have the Southern Baptists of Texas Evangelism Conference at Sagemont Church.  I was so encouraged by the teaching and the worship the whole three days!


During the conference, I went to a breakout session led by Ed Stetzer, the President of LifeWay Research.  He always has great information and statistics to help others understand the thoughts and habits of people.  His session was all about the importance of helping people find a place to CONNECT, based on his new book called Transformational Groups! When I heard that, I was so excited because that is my heart and passion!


We learned some STAGGERING statistics about the importance of being in a Sunday Morning iCONNECT Bible Study.  Here are just a few of the survey questions asked in Transformational Groups:



Did not attend a Bible study

Attended a Bible study 4+ times a month

I have developed significant relationships with people at my church.



I intentionally try to get to know new people I meet at church.



I read the Bible on a regular basis.



I pray for fellow Christians I know.





If you are looking for quality friendships or want to be encouraged to read the Bible more or pray for others on a more consistent basis, I highly encourage you to make it a priority and attend a Sunday morning iCONNECT Bible study this weekend!  You can look online at  to see a complete list of Bible studies.  Or, you can call me directly at 281-481-7121, and I would be excited to help you find a place to CONNECT with God and with others!


We can’t wait to see you Sunday!!!!

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Wes Holloman

Is the Associate Pastor of iCONNECT Ministries at Sagemont Church.