Over the years, about 800 couples from some 18 or 20 different denominations have participated in 84 Stress in the Ministry Conferences. The attendees have included missionaries, seminary professors and deans, denominational leaders and pastors serving in churches all over the United States. In addition, pastors and their wives from Dominica, Argentina, Great Britain and Canada have also attended, and in 1995, the conference was held in Nicaragua for about 50 indigenous pastors.

Throughout the years, God has used this ministry to bring hope to the hopeless and restore men and women to effective ministry. One pastor related, “I was going to leave the ministry. My life was a wreck, and my family was a disaster. But God used the Stress in The Ministry conference to give me more healing than I ever thought possible. I’ll always be indebted to them.”

Stress In The Ministry is a part of The Restoration Ministry of Sagemont Church in Houston, Texas and is a ministry to ministers and their families. This particular part of the Restoration Ministry hosts a week-long conference several times each year for ministers and their spouses. This conference is a two-pronged approach designed to “restore” those who are “burned out” or otherwise considering leaving the ministry as well as providing tools which can prevent burn out. This is NOT a normal stress management conference. This conference deals with the real causes of distress and is provided at no cost to the attendees.

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