The Sagemont Missions Council is dedicated to the vision set by our church leadership to be a Living Proof of a Loving God to a Watching World. As part of this vision, our Mission Team, using the Holy Bible as our standard, will follow the command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of the Nations, known as The Great Commission. In Acts 1:8, Jesus commands the apostles to “be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”


2018 Missions

  • Kenya – January 12-20/July/October
  • India – March 9-17/May/September
  • Israel – April/September
  • Argentina – July
  • Houston – April / June / October
  • Nepal – April/July
  • Hidalgo – August
  • Ethiopia – June
  • Portugal – November


At Sagemont, the Missions team has implemented Christ’s command as follows:

Interpreted as supporting ministries in the greater Houston metropolitan and surrounding areas.

Missions enables new evangelical church plantings within the United States, This area is defined as areas outside of the Houston metro area, but within the United States.

These are under-evangelized areas outside of the United States, including South America, Europe, and most of Africa.

Ends of the Earth:
This area includes people groups with little or no access to the Gospel. These areas are generally in North Africa, the Middle East, Northern India, and Asia, an area often called “The Resistant Belt” or “The Last Frontier”. This area is also frequently referred to as the “10-40 window” because it falls between 10 and 40 degrees north of the Equator. It contains the largest population of non-Christians in the world.

Our Missions Council will equip its members to fulfill the biblical mandate of going into the entire world, will support its members both prayerfully and financially, and will deploy them to engage in the ministry to which God has called them.

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