Lodge Reservations

Liability Release and Indemnity Form

The Lodge at Danbury Awaits You! You are invited to come enjoy the Lodge at Danbury. All reservations, group or individual, are to be made through the Lodge office.
Contact the Lodge Office at: 979. 922.1341

Upon receipt of confirmation/contract, sign and return with required deposit.

Make checks payable to: Sagemont Church

Sometimes couples or families like to “get away” for a time of rest, relaxation, and refreshment. Overnight rooms are available for this. Advanced reservations are required.

A “Host Couple” is required to be at the Lodge anytime it is being used. This couple will be in charge of the facility to oversee the activities and ensure compliance with the policies and procedures.

Rules and Policies

  • Use all facilities with care. Replacement of damaged or lost property will be paid for by the Renting Organization.
  • Sorry, but the following are not allowed on the property: Fireworks, alcoholic beverages, pets, & firearms.
  • Interpretation and enforcement of all rules and policies will be at the discretion of the Director, staff and/or Host. Any situation not specifically covered in the policies will be acted upon at the discretion of the Lodge Director, staff and/or Host.

Individual / Family Liability Release and Indemnity Form>>>MOVE TO SIDEBAR

Our prayer for you as we strive to serve you and your group:
We hope you see “Living Proof of a Loving God to a watching world.”

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