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The Sagemont Counseling Center seeks to be “living proof of a loving God to a watching world” by providing soul-care in a Christ-like manner. Our goal is to demonstrate that Sagemont Church is a “safe place” to those who hurt by offering care-giving resources that meet the emotional and spiritual needs of church members and the community.

We are committed to providing care from a Christ-centered and biblically-based perspective. We recognize the Word of God as the ultimate source of truth, and endorse and utilize only those psychological principles and techniques that are compatible with the Scripture.

We are pleased that you have chosen Sagemont to receive counseling services. In order for you to make a fully informed decision about utilizing our services, we’d like to share some information about us, and what we do in counseling. Each one of our counselors is a highly trained professional in fields such as theology, psychology, counseling, marriage & family therapy, and pastoral counseling. The following information provides a brief description of our counseling philosophy as well as an explanation regarding the nature of our professional relationship.

We consider ourselves to be Christian counselors. As such, in addition to being clinically professional, our counseling approach is Christ-centered and biblically based. While we meet and accept people, where they are, spiritually, we seek to involve God in the therapeutic process. Therefore, one of our primary goals is to encourage people to establish, develop or enhance a meaningful relationship with Him as they engage in counseling.

Our Vision
Our mission is to facilitate the creation of a “healing community” in which Sagemont Church promotes the following:

  • Marriage and family enrichment
  • Spiritual growth and biblical discipleship
  • Personal healing and lasting recovery
  • Emotional, relational, and spiritual “wellness”
  • Equipping of the saints for care-giving ministry and service
  • Training and development of Christian counselors
  • Ministry to staff members and their families
  • Reconciliation and unity within marriages, families, and the church
  • Evangelism and community outreach

Your Need
Unfortunately, Christians are not immune from emotional pain, and some problems are too big to handle alone. During our more than fifteen-year history, we have helped thousands of people just like you walk through many of life’s most difficult situations, including:

  • Prolonged depression and hopelessness
  • Serious marital conflicts and dissatisfaction
  • Severe anxiety and acute stress
  • Unhealthy relationships and emotional abuse
  • Troubled adolescents and children
  • Out-of-control drinking and substance abuse
  • Compulsive sexual behavior and pornography
  • Devastating sexual and physical abuse
  • Toxic guilt or shame and spiritual abuse
  • Chronic anger and resentment
  • Debilitating grief and loss

Each of our counselors is a highly trained professional in fields such as theology, psychology, counseling, marriage and family therapy, and pastoral counseling. Our counseling approach is Christ-centered, and each counselor is committed to integrating their faith into their practice. Therefore, the Sagemont Counseling Center is both clinically professional and distinctively Christian.

Regular administrative office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A limited number of evening appointments are also available with select counselors. To schedule a counseling appointment or for more information, please call us at 281.481.7133. Our administrative staff will help you find the counselor who best meets your needs.

Sagemont Church members are eligible to receive their initial counseling session at no cost. Subsequent appointments include a nominal fee. Counseling clients who are not Sagemont members are charged a reasonable and customary fee.

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