Children’s F.A.Q.’s

When do I need to come on Sundays?
Our services are at 9:30 and 11:15 AM on Sunday mornings. You will want to arrive early to allow yourself enough time to park, check in your children to class and make it to service on time! We would recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the service you want to attend.

Where do I go on Sundays?

On your first Sunday at Sagemont Church, please stop by our AdventureLand Guest Information area in the Children’s Building Mall. Our staff and volunteers will be there to register your children for class and to escort you to the programs for your children. They will be available to assist you with checking your child in to class, and they will answer any questions you may have.

What will my child do on Sundays?
Preschoolers and children will enjoy activities specifically designed for them on Sunday mornings. Preschoolers are grouped in classes by age (as of September 1), and they enjoy art, music, recreation and other activities centered on a Bible story and spiritual truth during each hour. School-age children have the opportunity to attend both large group and small group experiences on Sundays. Our goal is for children to have fun and make friends while learning about God.

Who will supervise my children during service?
Your children will enjoy going to class with our committed and gifted teachers at Sagemont! All of our volunteers receive training on working with children, and they have been carefully screened through an application process and criminal history check. In addition, every room has at least two teachers at all times to ensure that each child receives good supervision. Because we value the safety of each child, every classroom and our common areas are also equipped with security cameras. For your convenience, observation rooms are located between each set of preschool classrooms. You are welcome to view your child from these rooms at any time while you are at Sagemont.

What if my child needs me during class?

If your child becomes ill or distressed in class, we will notify you so that you can care for him/her. Parents of Babies and Ones are requested to leave a cell phone number for texting purposes. We will alert you via text message if your child needs you. We ask that parents of Babies and Ones also note your whereabouts during each service on the class Check-In Form so that we can locate you if needed. If your child has any special needs, we request that you inform us of them on your visit so that we can provide the highest quality care and ministry to your child.

Are children welcome in worship?
Children are always welcome in worship at Sagemont Church! Your child may attend services in the Worship Center with you, if desired. Our only request is to be sensitive to those around you, and if you have a young restless child, minimize disruptions to others by stepping out and attending to your child’s needs.

Can you accommodate my child if s/he has special needs?
Sagemont Church has a place for every child! We value the opportunity to minister to children with special needs. Children under six are encouraged to attend the programs offered for all children. If a child with special needs simply needs some modifications in the classroom, we will provide a friend to work with the children in our regular programs. Children, ages six and older, who need a different environment in which to play and grow are invited to attend PromiseLand! In PromiseLand, our children enjoy Bible stories, art activities and play in a special environment with loving, gifted teachers who want to minister to them.

What security measures does the church have to protect our children?
The safety and security of children is one of our highest priorities at Sagemont Church. To ensure that only parents and other authorized adults are allowed to pick up your children, we have a security receipt system for Babies through Fourth Grade. On your first visit, our hosts will complete a two-part receipt for you. One part is the child’s “ticket” into class, and you give it to the teacher at your child’s class. Children in the Fourth Grade and younger should be escorted to class by a parent. The second receipt must be presented to the teacher in the classroom after church to pick up your child. Only the parent or individual with the security receipt may pick up the child. After your first visit, you can use our computerized Check-In system to print these receipts. Using the touch screens at one of the Check-In Stations located throughout the Children’s Building, you will check in your child(ren), and three stickers will print for each child. One is a name badge for your child to wear, the second is an identical name badge to serve as your child’s “ticket” into class, and the third is a security receipt that you keep and present at pick up to retrieve your child. If a parent does not have his or her receipt for pick up, a staff member is called. The staff member will make a copy of the driver’s license of the parent, and s/he will determine that the parent is authorized to pick up the child.

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