iCONNECT Adult Bible Classes

iCONNECT Ministry
At Sagemont Church, our desire is for you to CONNECT to the life of our church! While our church is large, iCONNECT Ministries exist to help you find the “little church inside the big church” by:
  • Providing relevant Bible Study
  • Building great community with other followers of Christ
  • Creating a place where you can be real

If you are looking for an adult iCONNECT Bible study on Sunday morning, there is something for EVERYONE here at Sagemont Church. This is a big place, and it is our desire to help YOU get connected to a group of people based on age, interests, or Bible study topics.

After you find an iCONNECT that interests you, just click the iCONNECT iCON for more information about each Bible Study. If you have questions, please call the iCONNECT Ministry offices at 281.481.7121 or email us at iCONNECT@sagemontchurch.org.

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