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Roy Guel

Pastor, Ministerio Hispano

Pastor Roy Guel sirve como ministro de misiones desde el 2001, como líder del programa misionero de Sagemont Church. Se ha visto miles de miembros de Sagemont participar en viajes misioneros internacionales y involucrados...

Lilia Ramirez

Asistente Administrativa, Ministerio Hispano

Originally from Costa Rica, Lili has been in the ministry since she was a little girl. Her father is a preacher and church planter. Due to God´s calling she and her family moved to...

Jonatan Reyna

Spanish Ministry Associate

Jonatan Reyna has served in Sagemont Church since August 2013. Born in Mexico of Christian parents, Jonatan has been involved in church and various ministries throughout his life. Since childhood, he has been involved...