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Name Title Email
Stephanie-Adamson Adamson, Stephanie Professional Counselor
amanda-akey Akey, Amanda Girls Ministry Director
lisa-andrews Andrews, Lisa AdventureLand Playschool Director
matt-staff Armendarez, Matt Student Ministry Associate/Junior High
Kay-Bass Bass, Kay Assistant to the Administrator
John Mark-Benson Benson, John Mark Associate Pastor
kay-boelsche Boelsche, Kaye AdventureLand Ministry Coordinator/Babies and Ones
Linda-Boone Boone, Linda Assistant Director of Counseling
Mike-Buehrer Buehrer, Mike Assistant Media Director
Judi-Caudill Caudill, Judi Pastoral Care Secretary
Kim-Cavanaugh Cavanaugh, Kim Childcare Ministry Team Leader
Beverly-Chambers Chambers, Beverly Pastor's Administrative Assistant
staff-rebecca-green Cockerham, Leslie Adventureland Minsitry Associate
Bill-Cole Cole, Bill Associate Pastor of Worship & Praise
Denise-Conard Conard, Denise Financial Assistant
Tracy-Cox Cox, Tracy Students & Young Adults Ministries Secretary
staff-male-placeholder Davenport, Chuck College Minister
Shawn-Davis Davis, Shawn Finance Manager
depborah-deloach.jpg DeLoach, Deborah Administrative Assistant
glenda-dick Dick, Glenda Music Librarian
trisha-drew.jpg Drew, Trisha Financial Assistant
Rose-Ehrlich Ehrlich, Rose Ministry Assistant
Barbara-Ellis Ellis, Barbara Preschool Coordinator
ashley-ellis Ellis, Ashley AdventureLand Playschool Assistant Director
Jean-Fauth Fauth, Jean Financial Assistant
Peggy-Foat Foat, Peggy Childcare Team Leader
Rex-Forsyth Forsyth, Rex Pastoral Care Minister
Becky-Forsyth Forsyth, Becky Receptionist
Traci-Fort Fort, Traci AdventureLand Ministry Assistant
Tammy-Fort Fort, Tammy iCONNECT Ministry Assistant
Buddy-Fortenberry Fortenberry, Buddy Senior Adults Minister
staff-becky-french French, Becky Bookstore / Café Director
Emory-Gadd Gadd, Emory Associate Pastor
staff-male-placeholder Gamarra, Diego Missions Assistant
Roy-Guel Guel, Roy Pastor, Ministerio Hispano
jessica-harris Harris, Jessica AdventureLand Ministry Coordinator/Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade
Jan-Hart Hart, Jan Worship & Praise Ministry Secretary
hastings-staff Hastings, Jim Minister of Helping Hands
Sally-Hecker Hecker, Sally Helping Hands Secretary
Wes-Holloman Holloman, Wes Associate Pastor / iCONNECT
Charles-Hunsucker Hunsucker, Charles Living Proof Project Director
Debbie-Ihnen Ihnen, Debbie Counseling Ministry Secretary
Ron-Ingram Ingram, Ron Associate Pastor of Media
Steve-Jeter Jeter, Steve Print Director
Kerry-Jones Jones, Kerry Media Assistant
cindy-jones Jones, Cindy Women's Ministry Assistant
staff-male-placeholder Juengel, David Administrator
staff-female-placeholder Kluesner, Lori Human Resources Director
jonathanl Lafferty, Jonathan Lighting Designer/Media Assistant
Virginia-Lara Lara, Virginia Professional Counselor
Jim-Laucher Laucher, Jim Professional Counselor
Laurie-Lindquester Lindquester, Laurie Café Manager
Jennifer-mabe Mabe, Jennifer Executive Assistant – Media
Carol-Martin Martin, Carol Senior Adults Ministry Secretary
Masters, J Masters, Jennifer Records Secretary
Marcos-Medina Medina, Marcos Webmaster / Communications Specialist
dr-morgan-2016 Morgan, John Senior Pastor
morrison-johnathan Morrison, Jonathan Missions Associate
zach-nicholson Nicholson, Zach Family Minister
Georjean-Nixon Nixon, Georjean Administrative Assistant
Wade-Owens Owens, Wade Missions / Teaching Pastor
rachel-palomares Palomares, Rachael AdventureLand and Discipleship Ministry Secretary
andrea-parker Parker, Andrea Missions Secretary
lili-ramirez.jpg Ramirez, Lilia Asistente Administrativa, Ministerio Hispano
staff-jim Rannik, Jim IT Technician
Scott-Reichling Reichling, Scott Director of Computer Services
jonathan-reyna Reyna, Jonatan Spanish Ministry Associate
Tony-Robinson Robinson, Tony Discipleship & Young Adult Minister
staff-male-placeholder Robinson, Colin Facilities Manager
Carol-Roeder Roeder, Carol Library Director
Stuart-Rothberg Rothberg, Stuart Teaching Pastor
Jason-Ryan Ryan, Jason Music / Communications Director
Gerry-Saccane Saccane, Gerry International Missions
Sandra-Sawyer Sawyer, Sandra Receptionist
Chuck-Schneider Schneider, Chuck Executive Pastor
Mike-Schumacher Schumacher, Mike Associate Pastor / Director of Counseling
Carrie-Scott Scott, Carrie AdventureLand Ministry Coordinator/2nd – 5th Grades
staff-josh-sebren Sebren, Josh Media Content Producer
Amy-Smith Smith, Amy AdventureLand Ministry Associate Minister
staff-male-placeholder Smith, Ernest Helping Hands Dispatcher
Mary Ann-Stewart Stewart, Mary Ann Pastor’s Office Receptionist / Secretary for Stuart Rothberg & John Mark Benson
Kendra-Sullivan Sullivan, Kendra Professional Counselor
christina-talbot Talbot, Christina Childcare Ministry Team Leader
Nelda-Taylor Taylor, Nelda Co-director of the Lodge at Danbury
Mike-Taylor Taylor, Mike Director of the Danbury Lodge
Aleina-Thacker Thacker, Aleina AdventureLand Ministry Associate
staff-betsy-thompson Thompson, Betsy Women's Minister
Debra-Thompson Thompson, Debra Professional Counselor
Mark-Triplett Triplett, Mark Production Manager
staff-female-placeholder Valerio, Michelle Child Care Team Leader
staff-cody-witucki Witucki, Cody Student Minister
Mary Jo-Wood Wood, Mary Jo Professional Counselor