All people sin and, therefore, all people need to be delivered or “saved” from sin. Since sin is present in us, and has such strong power over us, we need outside help in being delivered from it.

This is a very serious matter since, among the consequences of sin, are separation from God and judgment by God. He cannot tolerate sin; He is holy.

But God is also amazingly merciful. Therefore, He has graciously provided a means by which we can be saved from the penalty, power, and even presence of sin. The means of this salvation is faith alone in the finished and complete work of Christ who died, as our substitute, on the Cross.

In dying for our sin, Christ bore the penalty due us. This is God’s doing entirely. It is not a result of human merit or effort. Man could never make up for sin through self-improvement or good works. It is the gift of God brought to us by grace and based on personal faith placed in the finished work of Christ who died in our place.

Each of us, as prompted and enabled by God, must make the decision to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savior. Rejecting His pardon for our sin means we bear the penalty for it ourselves, now and forever.

The person who accepts Christ as Savior can rejoice in the permanence of his salvation. He can be absolutely assured of it. Saved people, Christians, are securely held in the strong and loving hands of the Savior from the point of salvation and on into eternity.

Out of deep gratitude for what God has graciously and mercifully done for us, we seek to live in a way that is pleasing to Him. We have come to know Him personally and now desire to faithfully represent Him publicly.

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