We were created by God. Impersonal matter did not create personal people. We are complex beings and we did not originate from simpler living things. We were supernaturally and directly created by God.

And, what’s more, we are the only beings of whom it is said: “We are created in God’s own image.” This distinguishes us from all other living things. We were created to be as much like the Creator as a creature can be.

God made us in His own image so that we can relate to Him personally. The Creator of the universe desires a relationship with us. Since our purpose is to relate to God personally, we cannot find a sense of identity or worth apart from Him.

We are not only created to relate to God personally; we are created to reflect God publicly. We have been created in His image in order to reflect His image.

We cannot be satisfied if we are not living in alignment with God’s purpose for our lives. We are His image-bearers created to enjoy Him and glorify Him forever.

Though God made us, we have somehow unmade ourselves. From the first person on, we have violated God’s standards. We have sinned. In fact, sin has become part of our nature. Sin is a universal human problem. Everybody does it. Nobody is without it. We have a sin problem. It separates us from God and that separation will last forever.

Sin is the antithesis of who God is. He hates it and will judge it. So you see we have an inherited, natural inclination to do what God hates. And we are entirely helpless to free ourselves from this human inclination to sin.

So what do we do? The Bible speaks about a solution to our sin problem that has more to do with what God has done for us than with what we can do for God. These words, recorded in the Bible, express the despair and frustration of one struggling with the reality of his sin problem: “Wretched man that I am! Who will set me free from the body of this death?”

And this is the wonderful and freeing conclusion to his struggle: “Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

Our personal problem is sin and a personal Savior is the solution. Jesus Christ is that Savior. Confidence and trust in what He has done for us, by dying and rising and living in us, upon our invitation, is the solution to our sin problem. Apart from Him, all people are hopelessly mastered by sin, are separated from God, and face eternal judgment.

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