Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not an impersonal influence; He is a Person. In fact, He is a divine Person. He is not like God; He is God. Therefore, He possesses all the characteristics of God. As a Person, He has thoughts, feelings, and a will. As a divine Person, He is eternal and omnipresent and He knows everything and He is almighty.

As mentioned previously, God has revealed Himself as a Trinity. He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and the Son.

The Spirit of God carries out the will of God in creation, in written revelation (the Bible), and in redemption. In fact, the Holy Spirit not only persuades us to be redeemed, He also enters into the life of the newly redeemed person.

Then, from the inside out, He brings about great change. He helps us to turn from wrongdoing; He helps us to understand the Bible; He helps us to serve in a way that pleases God.

In order to do this, to serve God, His Spirit gives each follower of Jesus Christ at least one special gift. These are beyond our natural talents; they are gifts from the Spirit to enable us to worship, witness, and work for God.

If you are a Christian, it was the Holy Spirit who persuaded you to acknowledge your sin and to realize your need for Jesus, your Savior. And then, at the moment of personal salvation, it is the Holy Spirit who enables us to live a life pleasing to God. Since we have Him in us now, we ought to let Him control us. That’s what it means to be filled by the Spirit.

If you are a Christian, you have probably noticed that reading the Bible is different now. It is more meaningful and you understand more of it all the time. You know who did that for you? It is the Spirit of God. He not only inspired specially called people to write the Bible; He also helps the rest of us to understand and live by the Bible.

The Spirit of God opens the Word of God to the children of God so that the children of God look more and more like their heavenly Father.

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