Angels are spirit beings created by God. Though they can enter the sphere of human life, they are not human. For instance, they never die; they do not marry; they do not reproduce.

The primary purpose of angels is to serve as God directs. They are His agents and messengers.

Though angels are very powerful, as created beings, they are far less powerful than God. The fact that angels have such great power is both good and bad because there are both good and bad angels. There are good angels who worship and serve God and bad angels or demons who serve Satan.

Though all angels were created as holy beings, some rebelled against God and fell from their sinless position. Satan, himself an angel, is the leader of these fallen angels.

Satan hates God and God’s people. He tempts people to do what he has done: be independent of God. In essence, Satan wants us to be our own god. He wants us to be self-governing. He does not want us to trust the one true God.

We are in a spiritual war. Our enemy, Satan, is a spirit-being whose intent is to rob us of spiritual blessings which come from following the Lord Jesus Christ. And the Lord Jesus has given us more than adequate spiritual weaponry with which we are to resist Satan.

God has already judged Satan but His plan for Satan includes a future day of judgment as well.

Angels are wonderful, but are not to be worshipped. Worship the Lord Jesus. He is far superior to angels.

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