All Staff – Quick List

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Name Title Email
Adamson, Stephanie Professional Counselor - Intern
Ausmus, Linda Administrative Assistant
Bass, Kay Assistant to the Administrator
Benson, John Mark Associate Pastor
Berdejo, Daneysa Lider de Alabanza, Ministerio Hispano
Birdsong, Austin Media Assistant
Black, Rhonda Minister to Children
Boone, Linda Assistant Director of Counseling
Bradley, Shelby Helping Hands Intern
Brown, Holly Girls Minister
Brown, Al Helpdesk Analyst
Buehrer, Mike Assistant Media Director
Burcham, Diane Records Secretary
Caudill, Judi Pastoral Care Secretary
Cavanaugh, Kim Childcare Ministry Team Leader
Chambers, Beverly Pastor's Administrative Assistant
Cole, Bill Associate Pastor of Worship & Praise
Conard, Denise Financial Assistant
Cox, Tracy Receptionist
Daniels, Patricia Human Resources Director
Davis, Shawn Finance Manager
Dean, Karen AdventureLand Financial Secretary
DeLoach, Deborah Administrative Assistant
Drew, Trisha Financial Assistant
Ehrlich, Rose Ministry Assistant
Ellis, Barbara Preschool Coordinator
Fauth, Jean Financial Assistant
Foat, Peggy Child Care Team Leader
Forsyth, Becky Receptionist
Forsyth, Rex Pastoral Care Minister
Fort, Tammy iCONNECT Ministry Assistant
Fort, Traci Children's Ministry Assistant
Fortenberry, Buddy Senior Adults Minister
French, Becky Bookstore / Café Director
Gadd, Emory Associate Pastor
Gill, Teresa Childcare Ministry Team Leader
Green, Jim Associate Pastor / Administrator
Guel, Roy Pastor, Ministerio Hispano
Hart, Jan Worship & Praise Ministry Secretary
Hastings, Jim Minister of Helping Hands
Holloman, Wes Associate Pastor / iCONNECT
Hunsucker, Charles Living Proof Project Director
Ihnen, Debbie Counseling Ministry Secretary
Ingram, Ron Associate Pastor of Media
Jeter, Steve Print Director
Jo, Mary Professional Counselor
Jones, Kerry Media Assistant
Lara, Virginia Professional Counselor
Laucher, Jim Professional Counselor
Lindquester, Laurie Café Manager
Locatelli, Louise Nursery & Children
Martin, Carol Senior Adults Ministry Secretary
Massa, BJ Missions Secretary
McClendon, Duane Missions Ministry Assistant
McCormack, Shari Women's Ministry Assistant
McKinney, Kakie Teaching Pastor Secretary
Medina, Marcos Webmaster / Communications Specialist
Morgan, John Senior Pastor
Nicholson, Zach Young Adult Minister
Nixon, Georjean Administrative Assistant
Owens, Wade Missions / Teaching Pastor
Pickens, Patricia Records Secretary
Pike, Kristin 4yo - 1st Grade Coordinator
Purvis, Jeremy Student Minister
Ramirez, Lilia Asistente Administrativa, Ministerio Hispano
Reichling, Scott Director of Computer Services
Robinson, Tony Assistant Student Minister
Rodriguez, Mary AdventureLand Ministry Associate
Roeder, Carol Library Director
Rogers, Sarah Student Ministry Secretary
Rothberg, Stuart Teaching Pastor
Ryan, Jason Music / Communications Director
Saccane, Gerry International Missions
Saunders, Roy Jerusalem Missions
Sawyer, Sandra Receptionist
Schneider, Chuck Executive Pastor
Schumacher, Mike Associate Pastor / Director of Counseling
Scott, Carrie 2nd - 6th Grade Coordinator
Smith, Amy Children's Ministry Associate
Spillers, Janet Manager of the Danbury Lodge
Stewart, Mary Ann Pastor’s Office Receptionist/Secretarial Assistant
Sullivan, Kendra Professional Counselor
Taylor, Mike Director of the Danbury Lodge
Taylor, Nelda Co-director of the Lodge at Danbury
Thacker, Aleina Playschool Director
Thompson, Debra Professional Counselor
Thompson, Betsy Women's Minister
Triplett, Mark Production Manager